About the Museum

The renovated film museum will open its doors in 2017
The Film Museum to Open in VDNKh Pavilion No. 36

The State Central Film Museum is one of the newest Russian museums. It was established in March 1989 following the reorganization of the Museum Department of the All-Union Bureau for Film Art Promotion.

From its opening and till November 2005, the Film Museum was located in the Film Center at Krasnaya Presnya which housed the museum's collections, a reflection of Russian film art throughout the course of its history. This was also the place where the best masterpieces of world cinema were shown. In late 2005, the museum's collections were moved to Mosfilm Studios where they are kept today. Since then, film shows and other museum events take place at different venues all around Moscow. Since October 2014, the Central Film House has been an official venue of the Film Museum. On 1 July 2014, Larisa Solonitsyna was appointed Director of the State Central Film Museum.

The Film Museum focuses on three main areas:
  • Collection, classification, and description of objects related to film art and its history
  • Exhibitions and expositions related to cinema history
  • Film programs with films considered to be important treasures of the international and Russian cinematographic heritage or highlights of today's filmmaking.

The new premises of the Film Museum at VDNKh (the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) are expected to house three cinema halls where films from the museum's collection will be shown; permanent exposition and themed exhibition areas; lecture halls where lectures and talks on film art history and theory will be given; a cafe and a museum shop.

New Museum Building


The Film Museum has a very long history. The idea to preserve cinematography works was first put forward by some filmmakers as early as in the 1910s.


In late 1920s, the Film Museum was opened as part of the National Academy of Art Sciences. However, when the Academy was dissolved in 1932, some valuable materials such as early motion picture cameras, scripts, designs, and posters collected by Grigory Boltyansky were either scattered among various archives or lost.

  • Larisa Solonitsyna Director
  • Marianna Kushnerova Senior researcher. Photo Materials Department
  • Irina Pavlova Academic secretary
  • Kristina Yuryeva Head of Collections Conservation
  • Marina Shmarenko Project Coordinator
  • Pavel Shvedov Senior researcher. Animated Cartoons Department
  • Alexei Tremasov Researcher. Gorky Studio Archive
  • Emma Malaya Senior researcher. Department of Cinema and Photography Equipment and Memorial Collection
  • Ekaterina Maksimova Junior researcher. Visual Materials Department
  • Anastasia Krylova Record keeper. Department of Film Posters
  • Svetlana Kim Senior researcher. Collection of Animated Cartoons
  • Elena Dolgopyat Senior researcher. Manuscripts and Documents Department
  • Anna Bulgakova Senior researcher. Rare Books Department and Research Library
  • Nikolai Kubyshkin Front Office Head